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Leadership for Public Health in Europe (LEPHIE), a European Commission "Success Story" awardee, is a 10-week Problem-Based Learning and Blended Learning course with renowned Maastricht University teachers and European Public Health experts.

Rationale for the LEPHIE leadership course
New healthcare demands and the development of new technologies create challenges and opportunities for health care professionals, who should be equipped with skills and competencies to be effective at the job market. This is especially true for public health (PH), which is a very dynamic field. 

Indeed, over the past twenty years, Europeans have been faced with rapidly changing healthcare environments. As a by-product of the pace and extent of a new vision of health for all people, as articulated by WHO’s Health 2020 report, now is the time for a new generation of healthcare leaders to emerge and take charge of the opportunities to achieve this vision. However, a question of “who” should lead, “why” and “where to” remains. The results of a three year study of leadership competencies suggest strongly that leaders in public health are best positioned to answer the call, because what they know about the health of populations clearly places them with the opportunity to demonstrate their unique expertise and potential leadership to respond. Public health leaders are different… they are ready!


The need for European Public Health Leaders
The key to differentiating leadership in public health from other areas is the context. The combination of a range of socio economic drivers such as aging populations and workforces, globalisation, consumerism, individualism, economism and the changing nature of ill-health will require that public health professionals will need a broader range of skills and expertise than ever before. Working successfully across traditional departmental, organisational, intersectional and national boundaries to develop productive partnerships with a range of stakeholders, including service users and healthcare professionals, requires skills of effective leadership.

Therefore, the professional development of public health leaders requires an experiential competency-based instruction to help them develop the abilities to address complex and evolving demands of healthcare systems. Most leadership programmes concentrate on how to lead and tend to ignore where you are leading to. It is our belief that the Leadership for Public Health in Europe course will inspire you where you should lead towards, in the 21st century.


The uniqueness of LEPHIE
LEPHIE is the first course on European public health leadership and incorporates real problems based on public health priorities in the European region, such as non-communicable diseases, ageing, and sustainable health care systems.

It integrates public health content with leadership competencies and experences of public health leaders required in the field of public health. The leadership content is featured around the Public Health Leadership Competency Framework consisting of 52 competencies distributed among eight domains: Systems Thinking, Political Leadership, Building & Leading Interdisciplinary Teams, Leadership and Communication, Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership in Team-based Organisations, Leadership Organisational Learning & Development, Global Leadership Values and Ethics and Professionalism.


*LEPHIE is proud to operate under the framework of the Public Health Training Academy, a partnership between Maastricht University Campus Brussels and the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER).

News and Events

Leadership for Public Health in Europe LEPHIE course
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